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Workshop Is Now Available On-Line

No More Post Office Or Courier

This course is now available through the Internet. The workshop is now available through YouTube. The binder, text book, and CD are all electronic and will be available for download. No more waiting for the parcel to arive. No more problems with the  post office or the couriers.

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To Help You Out, We’ve Changed The EPC Workshop Format


This workshop is all about building your self-confidence in the project management of  EPC contracts. Sure, you can read books, take on-line courses, and build up your knowledge, but most people need to be with real people. You need to understand not only your own strengths and weaknesses but to see the strengths and weaknesses of others as well. You need to realize that you are not alone. In this live workshop, you will lean things you could not have learned at home.

Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) contracts are the Owner’s contract of choice when building complex facilities. If you are starting out as a project manager / project engineer on an EPC contract that has been set up by others, you struggle as you are just not sure that what you are doing is correct and what information you should be looking for. You know some stuff about the project management of EPC contracts, but you are not confident about your knowledge.

One of the concerns mentioned by past workshop attendees about attending a workshop is finding the time to take off from their busy work schedule. In order to help you out, we have changed our Certificate in EPC Project Management workshop from a 4 1/2 day event to 2 – 2 day events. These events are separated by a three week period to give you time to recover from your time away, let you get back in the grove, then return to finish off the program. The certification exam is on-line and can be taken anytime after the workshop.

Contact bmoj@bmoj.com for the next workshop location or if you would like to arrange a private workshop.

Below is an outline of the material covered:


Event 1  – Organizing The EPC Project

Day 1


From Owners Perspective


Module 1 – Project Delivery Systems

Module 2 – Why Owners Choose EPC

Module 3 – Typical EPC Contract Steps

Module 4 – EPC Contractor Evaluation


From EPCC’c Perspective


Module 5 – Safety Management

Module 6 – Project Controls & Scheduling


Day 2 


Module 7 – Quality Management

Module 8 – Resource Planning

Module 9 – Project Communication

Modules 10 – Guidelines

Module 11 – Decision Making

Module 12 – Project Planning & Work Breakdown Structure

Module 13 – Scope Issues & Budgets


End of Event 1


To register / enroll for Event I go here:


Organizing The Project


Event 2   Controlling & Completing The EPC Project

Day 1 


Module 14 – Project Stakeholders

Module 15 – Risk Analysis

Module 16 – Estimating

Module 17 – Cost Control and Earned Value Analysis (EVA)

Module 18 – Engineering Control

Module 19 – Procurement

Module 20 – Types of Contracts


Day 2 


Module 21 – Request For Proposal (RFP)

Module 22 – Bidding Process

Module 24 – Construction Management

Module 25 – Tender Document

Module 27 – Contract Administration

Module 28 – Commissioning Procedures

Module 29 – Training

Module 30 – Commissioning and Startup

Module 31 – Completion


End of Event 2


To register / enroll for Event 2 go here:


Controlling & Completing The Project

This course is accredited by the Project Management Association of Canada / Association de gestion de projet du Canada (PMAC-AGPC). Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates will receive a signed, sealed Certificate in EPC Project Management from the Project Management Association of Canada.


The Course Accreditation Process

The course accreditation process ensures that only quality courses are used as part of a PMAC-AGPC knowledge-based certification. In this process, training providers submit their training materials for review and approval by the PMAC-AGPC.

Submitted materials are reviewed by two PMAC-AGPC members under the guidance of the Director of Certification. The Director is responsible for ensuring that the assessment is thorough, impartial, and follows the process described herein.

The two reviewers will be selected by the Director from among the PMAC-AGPC membership. Members who are employees of a training provider cannot review materials submitted by that same training provider.

The goal of the assessment is to make a determination, in the reviewer’s professional opinion, of whether the course materials cover an adequate amount of material (i.e. is the course substantive), whether the course materials are reasonably correct (i.e. are they free from material errors), and whether the course materials were prepared in a professional manner (i.e. do they appear professional and of a high quality).

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