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May 23rd, 2014

Fundamentals of Project Management Workshop


 Your Project Management Survival Skills


This project management workshop is about learning “how” to do project management.  Most other workshops teach project management theory or the course leads to project management certification. This “Fundamentals of Project Management” workshop is not like those other workshops. It’s a practical project management workshop teaching you project management survival skills.


Do you want a better understanding of what project management is all about and how you fit in? Do you have project management questions you cannot find answers to? Want to know how your peers handle project management situations? Want to improve you project problem solving skills to determine the best course of action for your project? Want to understand project cost control?

When you were growing up, did you want to be a project manager? If you are like the rest of us, no you didn’t. We wanted to be engineers or firemen or policemen. We became project managers by default. Management came along and said, “Your a good engineer, do you want to be a project manager”? So you take up the challenge – a new title instead of a raise, more responsibility and no authority. You show up on the first day and it’s “Now What”? That’s when you realize you are in a whole different world. The skills you were trained in are not the skills you need now.

If these are some of the project management issues you have, then this is your opportunity to improve your project management skills as this workshop will equip you with the practical tools, skills, behavioral attributes, and competencies needed to manage your design and construction projects. This workshop will show you the “Now What”. Using lecture, discussion, and case studies, the focus will be on practical applications and techniques for immediate implementation and project results. You will learn “what” to do, “how” to do it, and “why” you need to do it. These are your survival skills, skills you can build on. The workshop is designed for people involved in managing the design and construction of projects in operating facilities, including engineers, technologists, technicians, tradesmen, and maintenance personnel. Participants will receive a copy of the instructor’s published book, “Plant Project Engineering Guidebook”.

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The Survival Kit Contains:


Project Manager Tasks & Behaviors

Problem Solving & Working In Groups

The Staged Gate Process, Estimating, & Budgeting,

Work Breakdown Structure & Scope of Work

Progress Monitoring Using Earned Value Analysis

Procurement, Request For Proposals, & the Bidding Process

Tender Documents & Contracts

Construction Management & Contract Administration

Commissioning Administrative Procedure

Mechanical, Electrical, & Instrumentation Commissioning Procedures.


Commissioning & Startup

Project Completion

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