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Special Conditions

This document is given to all contractors that are working on your site. These are the rules and regulations that you want them to follow. It  provides a clear understanding of what is expected from him when he is on your site. This document should be part of your tender document or request for proposal and it should match the scope of work on such documents. The contractor should have this document before he provides any pricing.

20 pages

Plant Conditions & Standard Component List

This document is to be sent out with all Request For Proposals (RFP), including Tender Documents, which require a vendor or contractor to supply components as part of their equipment supply. It is up to the RFP originator to make sure the vendor has this document before submitting a bid. Giving this document out after the bid has closed could lead to a change order.

Using this document ensures consistency in components throughout the plant. It also prevents the disappointment of equipment arriving on site with components the plant neither likes nor stocks in the plant stores.

28 pages

Employee Handbook

This handbook was developed and used for a warehouse and plant operation that I started up and managed. The plant was located in the Province of Ontario, Canada and some of the information provided is specific to that province. However, this is the basic material that needs to be covered.

53 pages

Commissioning Procedures

Commissioning procedures are not very common in most plants. Those that are available are probably from the original plant startup and can be too cumbersome for small plant projects. The following commissioning procedure has been modified so you can use it for your small plant projects. It is written based on the assumption that you have hired an outside consultant to do the engineering and construction management.

You can modify and use individual sections of this procedure as they suit your situation. The mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation sections are detailed in what commissioning is and how it is to be done. Even if you are not commissioning equipment, the information presented is something you should know for future use.

97 pages

Tendering Documents

This is a Tender Document with comments on the various components included in it. It is a lump sum document that was developed for a large project in British Columbia, Canada. This document is applicable worldwide. The items that are Canadian specific are identified.


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