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Vendor Information Requirements

January 15th, 2009 No comments

This article is the last in a series that ran in October, November, and December on a section in your bid documents t i t led ‘Performance Required by the Successful Bidder’. This is the vendor data that you require with their proposal and data required later in the project should they be the successful bidder. The document I want to discuss in this article is equally important and is called the Vendor Information Requirements Form. This form is used to find out more about the vendor and how he will perform on your project. This form can play a role in selecting the vendor.

Vendor Furnished Data
1. Drawings & Manuals
For drawings and manuals you need to know where the engineering and design office is located. This is important in case you have to travel there. You usually want an office that is readily accessibile or maybe use local people for the work. If it is overseas (off shore) this can have an affect on turnaround t ime for answering questions.
Depending on your circumstances, this could affect vendor selection. One client we work for requires us to inform them whenever we have someone who is not located in our office working on their projects.

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