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Vendor Data Requirements (3)

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This article is a continuation of the article I started in October, a discussion on Vendor Data Requirements and their importance to your project. This is the vendor data that you require with their proposal and data required  later in the project should they be the successful bidder. In review, this document is typically used when purchasing equipment and outlines to the vendor exactly what information you expect him to include with his quote. As I started in last months article, this is a continuation of the section on Performance Required by the Successful Bidder’ which outlines the conditions the successful bidder will be required to perform to. In this article I will complete the Performance Required by the Successful Bidder’ section.

If you don’t have a mechanical fabrication and installation standard / guideline then you should make up one to protect yourself. It covers items such as any base plates should be of rigid construction and have grout and vent holes to ensure the plate can be properly grouted.
One issue that happened to me …..

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