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Honest, Fair, Ethics

August 15th, 2008 Comments off

As I mentioned in a previous article, you have to treat every project as if it
will end up in court. If you are unfortunate enough to be there, then you want to be on the winning side. You need a reputation that can not be called into question. In your project management career you will come across all kinds of issues and it is important that you be honest, fair, and ethical in all your dealings with your team members, vendors, contractors and any other
people you come into contact with. To be a leader, you have to be honest
with everyone and in everything you do. You have to lead by example. In all
projects, mistakes happen, things change, in fact change is inevitable. If it
is your fault then say so and get on with the work. Do not blame other team
members. You should stand up for your team members. If you do not stand up for your team members, motivation will be affected, decisions will be harder to make, and they will not want to work with you again. You have to be able to respond positively to acceptable criticism and personal attacks. At all times you have to be reliable, trustworthy and discrete. If you say you
will do something, then do it, as deeds speak louder than words. We all know
someone who is all talk and no action. These people we don’t like to work with.

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