March 27th, 2017

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LATEST NEWS: 2017 Workshop Dates


 Contract Management 


 For Design And Construction Projects Workshop 

April 12 & 13, 2017 – Houston TX

October 11 & 12, 2017 – Houston TX

September 26 & 27, 2017 – Calgary AB

  Course Overview

This two-day workshop will benefit those, in industry and government, who have to manage the contracts in the field, and whose job it is to prepare the contract documents. This includes field engineers, contract administrators, construction managers, project managers, project engineers, superintendents, procurement, consultants, and site personnel interfacing with contractors. In private industry and in the public realm, whether via Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC), or Engineer, Procure, Construction Management (EPCM), any time you are doing construction, there is a contract involved. This two day workshop is about the construction site contract administration process and how the activities affect the contract administration team.

 Course Outline

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This course is sponsored by Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education Inc. (PEICE)


Project Management in Oil & Gas

 A co-worker of mine has extensive IT project management experience and is one of the top IT Agile project management trainers in NA. What he has been seeing is IT project managers being laid off in large numbers. I have extensive project management experience in industrial project management and do project management training in the oil & gas (O&G) industry.  What I see is O&G not being able to find enough qualified project mangers. So, we collaborated and developed a short course aimed at project managers who are reluctant to change to O&G as they are not sure of what they will be getting into. Using material from my “Fundamentals of Project Management” workshop, we give an overview of how projects are managed in industry, particularly oil & gas. We are now rolling out the course to help you decide to make the change to O&G.

The course is ready to go. More information and course registration can be found here:

Project Management In Oil & Gas


Certificate In EPC Project Management

Workshop Is Now Available On-Line

No More Post Office Or Courier

This course is now available through the Internet. The workshop is now available through YouTube. The binder, text book, and CD are all electronic and will be available for download. No more waiting for the parcel to arive. No more problems with the  post office or the couriers.

For information and to register go to: EPC Workshop


Certificate In EPC Project Management

One of the concerns mentioned by past workshop attendees about attending a workshop is finding the time to take off from their busy work schedule. In order to help you out, we have changed our Certificate in EPC Project Management workshop from a 4 1/2 day event to 2 – 2 day events. These events are separated by a three week period to give you time to recover from your time away, let you get back in the grove, then return to finish off the program. The certification exam is on-line and can be taken anytime after the workshop.

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 The “Fundamentals Of Project Management” Workshop
The Project Doctor announces the latest dates for the “Fundamentals of Project Management” workshop.
For information on the workshop go here:  Workshop
Our remaining North American dates are as follows:


Calgary AB

September 12 – 14, 2017

Houston TX

February 28 – March 2, 2017

For information and to register go to: Fundamentals Of Project Management  



To provide engineers and non-technical people with relevant, practical information, news, and tools to help them manage their projects efficiently and effectively. To help develop their project knowledge base with a basic understanding of the main facets of project engineering in North America. Who is this site for? It is for anyone involved in managing projects and wants to have better control of those projects (anyone who wants to be the master of their own destiny), those experienced at project management or just starting out in project engineering. Industry or consulting. Technical or nontechnical. Are you an engineer or technician who has no special training, yet is given the task of overseeing a project. Nowhere to go for good practical project advice and help that you now need? No Coach? No Mentor? Then you have found the right place. New! Read my Special reports. The PROJECT DOCTOR is here to help YOU. The PROJECT DOCTOR will provide you with practical advice to give you an insight into the main facets of project engineering in North America. This is NOT theoretical Project Management but good, basic, everyday practical project advice to help you solve your project problems. Although the focus is on industrial plants (the PROJECT DOCTOR’S background), it is not intended to be a deep technical discussion of equipment problems. This site is intended to be advice and discussions affecting all projects, all industries, all fields, all countries. The information provide will benefit everyone, as it can be modified and applied to fit your location and situation. Special Report: Back Charge Procedures. When you receive a piece of equipment that does not meet the requirements of the bid documents and it is the Vendors or Contractors fault, then a Back Charge has to be set up in order for the repairs to be completed at no cost to your project. However, Back Charges to a vendor or contractor are a possible source of conflict and therefore, must be well documented. This worldwide procedure provides the method of handling various scenarios, how to get the proper documentation, and the form to use.


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